Peasant revolt London 2012.

i/iiWood cut digitals of social change.


1st December 2018

Only my mother’s character to play
Perfectly posed
Mermaid steps on feet of razors
Pearls pinned to her flesh
Pinched lips claspt.
No vulnerable steps of dust
Weeping angle’s touch
There is a time for sowing
There is a time of waiting.
There is a time of reaping.

Save our Home. Save Barr Bheag.

Our landlord, Anthony Robin Marshal of the Josephine Marshal Trust, want to demolish our home.

As double whammy.

He doesn’t want to comply with a Scottish court order to repair our home, to make it water tight and insulated.

This is the scorcher,  if Robin Marshal ‘intends’ to demolish our home then he can evict us. Nick, my boyfriend, has lived here for 13 years and is an assured tenant.

It is lunacy.

However, the Landlord need planning permission to demolish our home. Which means to stop him we need to stop the planning.

So PLEASE object here.

save Barr Bheag Object here



Thought for today.

Do stuff
be clenched, curious
Not waiting for inspiration’s shove
or society’s kiss on your forehead
Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention
Attention is vitality
It connects you with others
It makes you eager…

stay eager.

Susan Sontag

New Work.

Here in Argyll, Scotland we are still in winter’s cloak of subdued colours. But I crave the intensity of summer.

This painting, called ‘Light falling’, oil on aluminium, 4x4inches has vibrancy and depth. I’m not sure yet, how to translate what it is and feels like into words.


Claire de Mortimer Painting

I’ve made a Facebook page just for my paintings.

A like, follow and share will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

IMG_0998 (1).jpg

Alice in Wonderland.

How fantastic is this?

I’m working on a set back drop for an Easter themed Alice in Wonderland belly dancing fundraiser for Myton Hospice in Warwickshire, UK.

Here are my prelimary sketches.