Claire de Mortimer Painting

I’ve made a Facebook page just for my paintings.

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IMG_0998 (1).jpg

Alice in Wonderland.

How fantastic is this?

I’m working on a set back drop for an Easter themed Alice in Wonderland belly dancing fundraiser for Myton Hospice in Warwickshire, UK.

Here are my prelimary sketches.

Bliss: Glasgow in Sunshine.

For the past two day we, in Glasgow have had warmth and sunshine. It’s been utter bliss. 

Since I’ve been here I’ve made a small garden from bits and pieces from Poundland. It’s 1.5×1.0 m by 6 inches deep. 

I’ve had flowers from April and a good crop of strawberries. The star of the patio has been the poppies called Shirley’s doubles. The petal have stayed on despite the torrents of rain and wind! God Bless them.

A Year in 1 min and 26 sec.

This shows my progression over the year of this Masters at Glasgow School of Art in Painting.

I know that as a friend I have been preoccupied, not in contact so much and probably a bit obsessed: Sorry. And, thank you for encouraging and supporting me.


Grad Degree show prep




Tulips in Spring Sunshine.

I’m back in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. The sun is shining and the Mistle Thrush is singing.



Landscape. One year.

This is a four minute video about Landscape, time, plots of land, consumption and compartmentalisation.

Watch “A YEar 4mins_1” on Vimeo: